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Welcome to ChennaiGIP !

ChennaiGIP is for anyone currently working in the local game industry or interested in creating games. We welcome people from all game creation disciplines viz. design, art, audio, writing, programming, etc.

What do we do?

The group exists primarily to foster the growth of the Chennai game industry. To that effect, we plan to organize introductory-to-advanced level talks, challenges, competitions, and other activities spanning the spectrum of game development disciplines.

How can you help?

Where can we be found?

By popular demand of its members, ChennaiGIP is primarily active on Facebook.

Main pages for interaction, networking, collaboration with our members.
Provides some basic information and essentially points visitors to the group page for interactions. Slightly redundant since we found domain and hosting sponsorship.
Announcement and reports of group activities.
Twitter. For announcements.
Google Calendar to add ChennaiGIP events to your own calendar.
Low activity. Only major announcements.
Low activity. Only major announcements.
Coming soon.
Low activity. LinkedIn page.
Internet Relay Channel. Explicitly scheduled.
Contact: {admin} AT {chennaigip} DOT {org} | Domain and hosting sponsor: Axham Games